Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity building on Advocacy, Lobbying, Communications and Outreach.

Public Sessions

Public sessions and debate on Advocacy and strategic outreach.

Empower Advocacy Academy

Annual extended and detailed workshops on Advocacy & Outreach.

Advocacy School

12 hours  Advocacy course over 6 weeks time for professionals.

Consultancy & Follow-up

Consultancy & support for CSOs on Advocacy components & projects.

Research & Publications

Advanced Advocacy research, focus groups & papers on Advocacy.

changing how people look at advocacy.A strategic approach towards building influential campaigns


Empower Advocacy is an independent organization that strives to build the capacity of cause advocates by offering training, support, and tools needed to build influential campaigns.

Empower Advocacy works with NGOs, youth clubs, local lobbying groups, and independent activists and helps them critically think, strategize, plan, and launch their campaigns.

Empower Advocacy 4 pillar programs offer tailored capacity building & training courses for NGOs, active groups, and citizens.


A series of interactive 100 minutes lectures offered to Universities, NGOs, clubs, and active groups, the goal of the lecture is to introduce attendees to the latest in advocacy studies, theories and expertise contributed by campaigners around the world.

The Advanced Advocacy skills program includes 3 different training modules designed to meet the needs of organizations and activists, regardless of their location, nationality, and level of knowledge about advocacy.

Always ongoing, weekly class of 6 sessions (18 hours in total), where participants learn about advocacy and it’s theories, along with the basics of planning and launching a campaign. The school is open for anyone to attend.

The main pillar of Empower Advocacy work, The Annual Academy is a 15 days closed training workshop, where participants join in from around the of the world. The academy covers a wide range of courses needed for trainees to become professional cause advocates & advocacy trainer of trainers.


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