Advocacy School is a constantly ongoing class by Empower Advocacy. Attendees learn the basics of Advocacy, the new approach, the latest strategies and creative toolkits to launch successful campaigns.

The sessions are very interactive and fun! Each participant will receive a goodie-file that includes Empower Advocacy Handbook and other resources.

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Training outline

Introduction to Advocacy
– Theories, case studies, definition (s)
– Worldwide application of advocacy
Advocacy, A closer look
– Types of advocacy campaigns
– Difference between old and new approaches
• Background Analysis
– Data collection &  analysis
– Identifying solutions
– Creating goals
• Building advocacy campaign
– Team building (SWOT, TMALS,…)
– Stakeholder Analysis
– SOTG (training core)
– The Advocacy metrics
• Message Building
• Campaign Application
– Advocacy strategies
– Advocacy Tactics
– Media In advocacy