Your guide to Advocacy (English)Available for workshop attendees only

A full guide to Advocacy developed by Empower Advocacy Experts, the manual is 140 pages long, and made available only for attendees of Empower Advocacy Academy.


The introduction features definition of advocacy, types, schools, and an explanation of Empower Advocacy Theory. It also features some case studies from advocacy campaigns around the world.

SOTG allows campainers to identify their stakeholders and choose campaign strategies based on a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

SOTG is also a reference whenever campaigners want to change their strategy based on upcoming threats, challenges or opportunities.

While setting strategies comes within the many benefits of SOTG ©, it is equally important to use tactics that go inline with the chosen strategies, the Tactics in a box © tool from Empower Advocacy puts a wide set of tested and chosen tactics from Advocacy Experts around the world into the hands of campaigners and cause advocates.

Tactics in a box © tool has detailed guides on how to use and customize tactics to fit local needs.

Advocacy enables organizations and individuals to bring about change in their communities, That’s Empower Advocacy main goal.

Imad Bazzi
Founder, CEO, Empower Advocacy

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