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Facebook profile picture badges (frames) are a cool new trend on facebook where people can show their support to a cause or event or even a sports team, this tool was introduced to Facebook in late 2016 but now everyone is using it!

It allows users with facebook accounts to add a frame or a badge on their profile pictures, hence grabbing the attention of other users towards your cause.

Most online and offline advocacy campaigns worldwide use this feature to grab the attention of the world, there is no limit to your creativity as you will be using your own design and logo.

What is it good for?

  • Awareness on a cause, a memorial day, or a certain event
  • Visibility for your project or event
  • A way to identify your supporters
  • Building a community of supporters
  • An excellent lobbying tool (count the number of those who are using it)


How to do it?

Starting with the basics, you will need adobe photoshop software to create a transparent frame, we will be explaining how below, if you do not have Photoshop installed on your device or find it a bit complicated you can always ask someone to do it for you or simply contact Empower Advocacy and we will have one of our volunteers design you one!

STEP ONE – Design

The design used should have a transparent background in order not to overlay the user’s original facebook profile picture. Note in the picture below that the design used doesn’t have a background To do so your design should be saved in PNG format with interlaced background (Figure 1 & 2).
Try using a design that has suitable dimensions, remember profile pictures are square shaped, but your frame or badge should cover the lower part of the picture not all of it, something else, when it is uploaded to facebook it will constrain it’s proportions when stretched, we recommend that your final clip-art overlay has a width that is double the height, best resolution is W 1000px * H 500px.
Now that you have the design saved on your computer, you are ready to proceed with step two.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 2

STEP TWO – Access Frame Studio

You can find so many options that you rarely notice on your homepage, one of which is the “Create a frame” option, one you have created the frame it will be available for everyone on facebook, it is worth saying that frame studio also has the capability of people snapping a picture with your frame showing in their facebook camera window, for the time being, we will focus on an easier way to do it, which is people adding the frame to their existing profile pictures.

  • Log-in to facebook and head to the home page by clicking HOME on the right top of the page
  • The page loads, look at the left side of the page, you will notice a menu with some items labled EXPLORE
  • Scroll down a little and click see more, this will expand the menu (figures 3 & 4)
  • Click “Create a frame” to launch the frame studio
  • Once the page loads click “open frame studio” (figure 5)

Figure 3
Figure 3

Figure 4
Figure 4

Figure 5
Figure 5

STEP THREE – Upload and set your design

First let’s explain a few things, on the right side you will see three different shapes, portrait, profile, and landscape.

Portrait and Landscape resemble how the frame looks like if users want to take new profile pictures using your frame, while portrait resembles how your frame looks like when users add it to their profile pictures. For the meantime, don’t worry about landscape and portrait, your target is the “profile”

Select owner: If you are an admin user on your  CSO facebook page you will be able to create the profile frame using the name of your page, if you are campaigning for a certain cause, you might want to do that, if not you can always choose your own name to associate with the frame.

Upload art: Click to upload your design

  • Click upload art to import the design you chose
  • Position your art image the way you want it to be, the red grid-lines will help you (figure 6)
  • Make sure it looks well on the profile preview
  • Click NEXT when done!


Figure 6
Figure 6

STEP FOUR – Save and Publish to the world!

Fill in the required information, make sure you give your work an easy to find name do people can find it easily.

Fill in the name, location options, and keywords which are also important, try to use categories and tags that users will look for. (figure 7)

Click NEXT when done, if all looks fine click PUBLISH

Figure 7
Figure 7

STEP FIVE – Start with yourself (and your staff)

To add the profile frame to your profile picture, go to

In the search box type the name you gave to your art, and select it from the menu, if you can’t find it make sure you have selected the correct start date in the previous step, or try to type the name of the owner (your CSO page or your name) instead.

Once you find your art, click it and adjust the picture accordingly, you can also choose a different or a new profile picture to use with the frame.

Set the duration of the frame, add in some motivational words, and SET AS PROFILE PICTURE.

Your friends on facebook (and others if your status is set to public) will be able to see that you have changed your profile picture and under it they will find a link if they would like to try it themselves!

Figure 8
Figure 8

STEP SIX – Monitor users.

You can always check how many people used your frame, and get a link to the frame where people can add it to their profile pictures. Simply go to STEP TWO again, and instead of choosing OPEN FRAME STUDIO click MANAGE FRAMES.

You will be able to see all the analytics about your frame.

ALL SET! Happy campaigning 🙂


  • You can always delete your frame or disable it (same as step six)
  • If your art doesn’t show, it means it might be still under review, or you have chosen a start date that is yet to come, this is why we suggest you launch it immediately
  • If you need help creating the art in step 1, or have any questions, write to us on and we will do our best to provide a volunteer graphic designer for you (Applies only to CSOs, no commercial requests please).

Advocacy enables organizations and individuals to bring about change in their communities, That’s Empower Advocacy main goal.

Imad Bazzi
Founder, CEO, Empower Advocacy

Interested in getting the manuals? Check out Empower Advocacy Methodology